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Appellate cases:

Connie has written, filed and argued multiple cases in a variety of Appellate Courts.  One such case, was Ruiz vs. Con Agra Foods, where the trial Court find more than 100% disability.  Mr. Ruiz admittedly sustained a bad injury to his hand, when he caught it in a meat grinder.  When doctors in a variety of specialties added up to over 100% disability, the Court held the Plaintiff was 104% disabled.  Connie appealed alleging the maximum disability is 100%.  Upon filing this appeal, the Judge rescinded his order sua sponte.

Other cases include the issue of whether one insurance company can "toll" the statute of limitations by accidently paying a medical bill owed by a separate carrier.  In this case, the doctor bill for a current injury included a prior injury where the statute of limitations had run.  The Court held, by paying the bill, the new carrier reopened the old case.  

In another case, Connie argued due process concerns when her surveillance evidence was excluded from trial.  The trial court did not want to watch the films, so he excluded them. He was overturned, when the Appellate Court agreed the films were properly obtained, authenticated, and relevant.

A current case is under submission with the Tennessee Court of Appeals.  In that case, the Defendant failed to raise workers compensation immunity as a affirmative Defense. Even so, the Court dismissed the Defendant, pursuant to immunity.  The issue in front of the Court is whether immunity was waived.

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