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Sexual Harassment cases:

Sexual harassment comes in many forms.  The goal is to maintain the dignity and productivity of the work place.  Connie has litigated multiple harassment cases with success.  For example, one Plaintiff complained of off colored jokes at the office copy machine.  While not recommended as a potential risk, Connie proved these jokes did not rise to the level of harassment.  Another Plaintiff complained, when a co worker actually urinated off a picnic table in the lunch area outside.  Connie resolved that claim for nominal amount. While exposure like this is harassment, Connie proved there were no real damages.  One woman, working for Long's Drug store claimed sexual harassment in the pharmacy.  Connie proved that harassment can be a two way street when it was discovered that Plaintiff actually harassed the boss.  Witness testimony revealed Plaintiff repeatedly called her boss, telling him about her anticipated activities.    


No matter how much training an employer may provide, intrapersonal conflicts will happen.  Some people just don't like each other, but when does that become discrimination?  Fair and equitable treatment of employees is a cornerstone in avoiding discrimination claims.  At the same time, employees must work hard, show up on time, and not abuse the system.  These are the cornerstone issues in a discrimination case.  These cases require an open ear, and careful attention to the details of what actually happened. The employer/employee relationship is one of the most important, and perhaps the most emotional. Connie has spent a lifetime resolving these issues.

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