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Decades of 

Trial Success

Vanden Bossche vs. County of Ventura,  VEN 102341.  Employer did not have to pay when a 
Firefighter did not sustain an injury to his neck and back. Ventura.
Alaniz v. Deluxe Laboratories, Inc; Liberty Mutual Insurance.   LAO 547220.  This was an insurance coverage case where Ms. Mann represented Liberty Mutual insurance Co., Based upon existing California Law, we were successful in placing liability solely upon our co Defendant.  Los Angeles.
Herrera v. Hilton Hotels; AIG Claims Services.
LAO 720965.  Employer did not have to pay when Ms. Herrera's  termination was the result of the employer's good faith personnel action.  Plaintiff was not found credible.  Los Angeles.
Burnham v. Isla Vista Parks & Recreation District; AIG Claim Services. SBA81657.  
Ms. Burnham claimed the employer intentionally retaliated against her for filing a grievance concerning her request for a promotion and raise.  Recovery was barred by California Labor code Section 3208.3(h) when employer proved the discipline was a good faith personnel action.Santa Barbara.
Welch vs. Response Envelope; American Commercial Claims Administrators .VNO 0479 1010.
The Court was convinced that Plaintiff's claim arose out of a lack of employment perks such as telephone line restrictions, problems with the smoking area and other perks that were not a condition of employment.  Van Nuys, California.
Price v. HDI Management, Inc., Everest National Insurance Company. LAO 835418.  In a compensable claim, a doctor went rogue.  The Appellate Court overturned the trial court's holding that a $20,260 dental bill was payable per the policy. Ms. Mann and her client were able to intervene on plaintiff's lack of appropriate medical care and ultimately Plaintiff was made whole.
Pelayo vs. Easton Sports, Inc., AIG Claims Service VNO 0375533.  Plaintiff was defeated when was "consistent and severely impeached in his own testimony".
Oh vs Beverly Hills Cafe,, AIG Claims Services. VNO 400075. Plaintiff claimed constant and insidious harassment throughout her employment.  The Court found the defense proved an underlying lack of credibility and did not award her any money.
Belezzuoli v. Long's Drug Stores, American international Group. BAK 114436  Plaintiff claimed sexual harassment while working as a pharmacy technician.  Defendants defeated this claim, when it was proven by witness testimony, that Ms. Belezzuoli was the instigator, calling the employer/accused on numerous occassions to flirt and otherwise make advance of her own.
Magana v. Longs Drugs, IInternational Adjusting Company. VEN 0103859.  Plaintiff was found to be malingering pursuant to surveillance films and her testimony.
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